Saturday, March 15, 2014

2 years!! (2 and half months ago)

I can't believe its been over 2 months since Kayleigh girl has turned 2! 
We have definitely been in the terrific 2 stage and its been pretty wonderful so far. I am sure the "terrible" 2 stage is coming, but it hasn't hit us yet! 

Kayleigh planned her own 2nd birthday party and I am a huge fan of that. It was waaaaaay simpler than I would have made it and she had a blast! 
She created her own guest list which included: Mamma, Daddy, Nammy, Papa, Auntie Shannoooon, Uncle Kev, MyMy, Coop, Amma, Ampa, Auntie Jojo, and Harrison!
Her plan was going on the "Up/Down" at the mall and to play on the playground. 
She wanted pasta for dinner! 

Here is a little snapshot of our day. 

Ready to go celebrate!!!

Loving rides with her cousins


Pasta bar

Myles prayed for dinner for the little guys. 

Surprise! Uncle Steve came from North Carolina! 

Present time! 

We love this birthday girl! 

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