Saturday, March 15, 2014

2 years!! (2 and half months ago)

I can't believe its been over 2 months since Kayleigh girl has turned 2! 
We have definitely been in the terrific 2 stage and its been pretty wonderful so far. I am sure the "terrible" 2 stage is coming, but it hasn't hit us yet! 

Kayleigh planned her own 2nd birthday party and I am a huge fan of that. It was waaaaaay simpler than I would have made it and she had a blast! 
She created her own guest list which included: Mamma, Daddy, Nammy, Papa, Auntie Shannoooon, Uncle Kev, MyMy, Coop, Amma, Ampa, Auntie Jojo, and Harrison!
Her plan was going on the "Up/Down" at the mall and to play on the playground. 
She wanted pasta for dinner! 

Here is a little snapshot of our day. 

Ready to go celebrate!!!

Loving rides with her cousins


Pasta bar

Myles prayed for dinner for the little guys. 

Surprise! Uncle Steve came from North Carolina! 

Present time! 

We love this birthday girl! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I can't believe that our daughter is already 1 and half (and I havent blogged in over two months)!!

It was so much easier to keep up with the blog when I was doing monthly updates on Kayleigh, but at least we know it will be updated twice a year :)

Here are some recent pictures of our sweet little one and a half year old. 

Loving the park. 

Hanging with Daddy at the zoo

Loving her new (hand me down) ballerina leotard. And, being an independent little girl, not wanting to hold hands while she walks. 

Hanging out with Mama at Mt. Hermon

Loving nature on our walk through the redwoods. Beautiful! 

Eating a carrot out of the garden. 

Loving the fountains on our over 100 days here in Rocklin. 

Beautiful baby girl. 

4th of July babe. Loved the fireworks and holding the sparklers. 

At one and a half Kayleigh...
-Is VERY active. Never seems to want to sit still unless she is cuddling before bed or she is sick.
-Loves being tickled and always asks for more.
-Loves giving smooches and will surprise you with them at times.
-Always wants to be outside.
-Will go swimming as many times a day as we will allow.
-Loves playing in the fountains.
-Favorite foods are still fruit and meat (specifically her Dadda's ribs).
-Points to her nose whenever she hears something loud because its "too no(i)sy".
-Is talking a lot- not that we can understand everything, but she sure is chatty.
-Tans like her Mamma. No matter how much sunscreen we put on her little body, she keep getting darker and darker!
-Loves having her Dadda throw her up in the air.
-Is getting quite sassy and independent at times, but we love her and that little attitude.
-Loves other kids and any time she is around them (especially those cousins of hers).
-Loves her "Blaa Blaa" (lamb doll) and carries it around to feed and play with.
-Has recently become attached to her blanket and needs it for naps or gets it when she is feeling tired.
-Is able to point to pretty much any part you ask her about.
-Loves her music and dancing and singing to it.
-Is the sweetest, most loving little girl and we are so lucky that she is ours.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Break part II- Santa Barbara

On Sunday morning we headed up to Santa Barbara for the second part of our spring break trip. 

We were so happy to be able to see the Birath family for a lunch picnic in the park when we got into Santa Barbara. 

And here is where our Olsen/Dunlop Spring Break begins!!!! 

Our little explorers. I believe this was the day that Ruby started calling Kayleigh "Diego". It didnt last for too long, but it was quite cute. 



Blurry Pajama party!!! 

Kayleigh had her first official trip to the beach (she went as a baby, but couldn't really play). 

Love these baby beach toes. 

These two are my favorites. 

Making a mud hole to play in. 

We have a beach lover!!! She was so so happy sitting in the water playing. 

Audrey and I had a little detour while grocery shopping. Sears' bed section was calling our names. So, we took a little rest. Thankfully, after explaining to the salesman our situation he allowed us to enjoy our peace and quiet! 

More to come on our Santa Barbara fun soon! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break Part I- LA

Our week and a half long Spring Break trip started with a trip to LA to spend time with our family and friends. 
Kayleigh was great in the car! We only stopped once on the way down for lunch/bathroom/kayleigh running through the gas station grabbing everything she could get her hands on!

Once we got into LA, we stopped in Montrose on our way into town to visit Ginny and see Mari and the girls!
Kayleigh was happy to be out of the car and played in the sandbox and painted with Grace.

We eventually made our way to Pasadena and Kayleigh was quite happy to see her Myles. She LOVES this boy (and his brother)!
On Thursday, we headed to APU to meet up with the whole Higerd family for lunch and to visit friends who work there. 
Sadly, right after lunch Kayleigh got Nursemaid's elbow (dislocation of her elbow). I will tell you that we will NEVER again "fly" our sweet daughter while we are holding her hands and walking. Poor little thing was such a tough girl that afternoon! 
We had to go to the Urgent Care for them to pop in back in, x-rays, and another try to get it back in (which apparently after two tries, everything was still not in place). We took her home for a nap and sadly she popped her elbow back up as she was waking up from her nap. So, off to Urgent care we went! This time they really got it back in!

After our busy (and sad) afternoon/evening on Thursday, we were looking forward to seeing the Williams family on Friday! We headed out for a hike and then to Doughboy's (our favorite) for lunch!

Kayleigh was very happy to see her buddy Hank again and warmed up very quickly to both Andy and Kateigh as well!

Smooches all around!

On Saturday, Joey and I attended his Grandma's memorial service and enjoyed some time with his family sharing special memories of his Grandparents. 

Kayleigh spent the day with Shannon and Kevin and the boys and was quite happy!

On Saturday afternoon we made it back in time for Myles' t-ball game! 

She is his biggest fan!

Then it was off to dinner with the family (We need to start taking more pictures of all of us together!).

The start of our trip was wonderful (other than the elbow incident)! It is always great to spend time with the Lewis Family and see our friends in the LA area. Thanks for taking good care of us!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Snow bunny...or Michelin man

A few weekends ago we headed up to Truckee to introduce Kayleigh to the snow and try out snowshoeing for the first time.

We had a great day (other than the time Kayleigh face planted in the parking lot and ended up with road rash all over her face)! Such a tough girl.

Here are the pictures from our day! More updates soon on our Spring Break vacation!